Abortion, 2019

What the push for legal-until-birth abortion tells us about the abortion debate.

That America’s Stalinists can’t find enough Kulaks?
That America’s Stalinists are ******* who can’t pick on someone their own size?
That America’s National Socialists want to purge defective genes from America?
That this time around two generations of imbeciles is enough?
That infanticide is and always was the goal?
The mass murder always begins with the weakest victims?

Evolution of Silicon Valley

“Look at what cool things I can code!”

”Look at how much money I can make!”

”Look at how much power I have!”

Thus Facebook and Twitter, designed to allow people to communicate, use their cool, power and money to disallow disfavored communication. Thus Google, designed to supply users important and popular search results, supplies instead government-approved or Google-approved search results.

The dream of a free and open Internet was wonderful, but is now over. Henceforth the Internet will be tightly controlled by tyrannical governments in the EU and PRC. In freer countries, subtle government influence and corporate power will occult anti- and non-establishment opinion.

Burn it all down.

Movie Q, O! Movie Q.

For which movie would you like to have seen a sequel?

None come to mind. A good drama tells the most important events in its characters’ lives. That’s one reason why television is melodrama—because any real human being subject to the trials of a television life would be dead, imprisoned, or insane. A movie which leaves too much for a sequel fails to be good enough to deserve a sequel.

Better question: for what movie would you like the sequels never to have been made?

Omitting movies like Sharknado or Carry On, Nurse: The Matrix. Jaws. Star Wars. Aladdin. Chinatown.

For what book would you like the sequels never to have been written?

Limited to books that were quality—we’re not talking A Spell for Chameleon or Gor.  Dune. Hyperion.

The Scarlet “L”

There should be a legal penalty for obtaining sex through fraud. — Irini D Manta.

She is absolutely correct. A woman who lies about her age to entice a man into sex should be fined $10,000 for every year between her, older correct age and the age about which she lied, or $10 or every year between her younger, correct age and the age about which she lied.

Lawyer, Legislator

The simple-minded think legislators sagely debate proposed legislation then wisely choose which laws by which we will be governed. Naivety of this sort embarrass the human race.

Actually, legislators blow with the wind, extract graft from all sides, and vote with whomever appears to have the most bribery, authority or popularity.

Legislators, sensitive to passion and money in factions, damper factional differences by appearing to consider multiple opinions and by accepting bribes contributions from clashing interests.

In an ideological struggle swaying with popularity won’t help a barometric legislator—both sides will hate such a Solon.

The Unarrested

Decent, real Americans keep thinking that Antifa’s riots and near-home invasions will eventually appall ordinary Americans and our political elite, who will put a stop to Antifa.* Won’t happen. Not right away nor anytime soon.

Prior Democrat Party regimes imposed illiberal and oppressive laws similar to the political correctness, diversity, and social justice laws of today. Those laws were called Jim Crow. The militant wing of the Democrat Party, the Klu Klux Klan, used extra-legal and extra-judicial violence to intimidate, repress, and murder dissenters. Fortunately it was limited its geographical scope, being most violent in the Northern state of Indiana.

And it was effective for decades. This establishes a minimum length of time before current Democrat Party totalitarianism can be overthrown, provided at least some part of America remains free. But no part of America is free of diversity, political correctness, or social justice. To overthrow the Democrat party will require decades, but by then American and its Constitution will be long dead.

* This is pathetic. It’s equivalent to the “if only comrade Stalin knew” plea from slaves in the Gulag. Stalin does know. That’s why you’re in the Gulag and it’s why Antifa can’t be arrested.