Equality of Abortion

Abortion cannot be restricted to persons assigned the masculine gender by their DNA. Abortion must extend to all genders, declared, assigned, implied, questioning, fluid… all of them.

Men (persons assigned, declared, implied, questing, fluid… as male) should have the right to abortion (that is, to kill) any child within nine months of them learning of the child’s existence, no matter how old the child is or if the child is still in a woman’s body. If the last is too extreme—being Chinese policy, then nine months after birth or after learning of the child’s existence, no matter how old the child is. In male abortion, however, unlike female abortion, men may grant mercy and sever all legal burdens, responsibilities, and connections in place of death.

Inequality Causes Crime

Inequality does cause crime: people who are stupid, talentless, antisocial, incompetent, and unsucessful at life are unequal. Sick with their own wounded amour propre, unable to accept reality, they lash out with senseless violence

Three Modern Socialisms

Race, Class, Gender are the trilogy of modern socialism. Millions died to persuade the majority of people that racial (National) socialism was evil. Tens of millions died to persuade a minority of people that class (International) socialism was evil. Millions of children will be mutilated (transitioned), deformed, and killed before a majority of people will believe gender socialism is evil.

Lawyer, Legislator

The simple-minded think legislators sagely debate proposed legislation then wisely choose which laws by which we will be governed. Naivety of this sort embarrass the human race.

Actually, legislators blow with the wind, extract graft from all sides, and vote with whomever appears to have the most bribery, authority or popularity.

Legislators, sensitive to passion and money in factions, damper factional differences by appearing to consider multiple opinions and by accepting bribes contributions from clashing interests.

In an ideological struggle swaying with popularity won’t help a barometric legislator—both sides will hate such a Solon.


The Left is socialist and divides everything into race, class, gender categories.

Millions died to show the world that racial (also called national) socialism was bad. Ten of millions died to demonstrate to a near-majority of the world that class (also called international) socialism (that is, communism) was bad. Millions of children and adults will be mutilated and die to prove to the world that gender socialism is bad.

If only there were something in common among race socialism, class socialism, and gender socialism that could allow us to anticipate the vileness of gender socialism and to reject it now before millions suffer. If only.

Gender socialism promotes weird surgeries that would have disgusted a Nazi (or Japanese surgeon) convicted of crimes against humanity.


When lawyers (called lobbyists) write bills, when lawyers (called legislators) pass laws, when lawyers (called governors) sign laws, when lawyers (called regulators) expand laws, when lawyers (called attorneys) argue about laws before lawyers (called judges) at trials which are publicized by lawyers (called reporters), this is called democracy.