Caravan to Europe

I was told most countries accept immigrants with a room, services, health care, food, and education! I am disappointed caravaneers by pass all the generosity of Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico to enter the most racist, sexist, fascist, homophobic country on Earth. For their own good we must stop them from being oppressed in our country

Beto has raised $60+ million. That’s enough to supply every caravaneer with a cruise ship ticket to Europe: free food, free room with bed & shower, multicultural crew, (probably) Italian governancecaptain, and all that free stuff after docking in Europe.

Beto gets to demonstrate his moral superiority by spending other people’s money. Europe gets to preen over its new Merkelites. The caravaneer get food, medicine, and a new home. Only Americans, unable to oppresses a new migrant class are disappointed.

It’s win-win, people!


The Left is socialist and divides everything into race, class, gender categories.

Millions died to show the world that racial (also called national) socialism was bad. Ten of millions died to demonstrate to a near-majority of the world that class (also called international) socialism (that is, communism) was bad. Millions of children and adults will be mutilated and die to prove to the world that gender socialism is bad.

If only there were something in common among race socialism, class socialism, and gender socialism that could allow us to anticipate the vileness of gender socialism and to reject it now before millions suffer. If only.

Gender socialism promotes weird surgeries that would have disgusted a Nazi (or Japanese surgeon) convicted of crimes against humanity.


When lawyers (called lobbyists) write bills, when lawyers (called legislators) pass laws, when lawyers (called governors) sign laws, when lawyers (called regulators) expand laws, when lawyers (called attorneys) argue about laws before lawyers (called judges) at trials which are publicized by lawyers (called reporters), this is called democracy.

International Corporations are, well, International

It’s hard to ignore one of the largest countries in the world. The question to ask yourself is, are the Chinese people better off with a limited version of Google, or are they better off with no access at all? And that’s not so clear to me.John Hennessy, Alphabet

China may not be clear to him, but it’s clear to me that Alphabet thinks that limited versions of Google and YouTube are better for the American people.

By limited he means lying by omission.

When asked about censorship in China, Communist repression, and Laogai, Hennessy replied, “I know nothing! Nothing! — A Google search will show nothing!” [Not a real quote.]

It’s possible deceit and subterfuge by software multinationals and  dependence of governments on software ends with the obsolescence of government and declaration of the World Corporate Congress.

Loss of corrupt, oppressive socialist states such as the People’s Republic of China would be no big loss. Government by Alibaba might improve China.