UNDER the 1st Amendment (freedom of speech*), 4th Amendment (unreasonable searches**), and 2nd Amendment (right to bear arms***), the American people have a right to unbreakable encryption.

*American courts have again and again held that code is protected by freedom or speech & press.

** It’s unreasonable to allow a ‘back door’ into any encryption. If a ‘back door’ exists, it isn’t encrypted, it’s shamcrypted.

*** The American government classifies encryption as a munition. It’s non-lethal. Being non-lethal, there is no justification (as a ‘arm’) for depriving Americans of unbreakable encryption.

Presidential Imperial Succession

As Rome sunk from republic to empire, its citizenship was expanded from Romans eventually to millions who had never set foot in Rome or Italy, but were ruled by the emperor. As the franchise expanded, suffrage meant less and less until the army, not citizens, choose an emperor’s successor.

Protocols of the Elders of the EU

The Protocols of the Elders of the EU are grants by the Lords Technocratic to their inferiors, human rights given by grants can be modified or revoked at any time. The Second Amendment is a promise by the government that it will not infringe upon rights whose source is God.

Let no one wonder why our elite admires the elders of the EU: unlimited power unrestrained by custom, tradition, reason, morality, or faith is their goal.

The elders of the EU are still disappointed the European Civil War (1939-1945) didn’t end with the defeat the EU’s true enemies, the unnuanced Anglo-Saxons.

The EU could have been founded decades earlier if only the two wings of Socialism had remained united against Capitalism. Imagine! An EU from Pyrenees to the Pacfic. Makes “Belt & Road” seem unambitious by comparison.

Founding Fathers

The Founders prohibited a religious test for office, having learned from the bloody wars of religion.

The Founders could not imagine that ideology would take the place of religion; that the same passions they saw attached to dogmas of petty sects would be possible without God; that a single ideological party with a greater reach than any religion would come to rule peoples and nations, including their own.

In America this ideology would create a fourth branch of government—the regulatory state—and its allies in the legislature would abandon legislative duties to write bills enabling the bureaucracy unchecked power; its allies in the executive abandon its oversight duties allowing the bureaucracy to set its own methods and goals; and its allies in the judiciary rule to expand its powers again and again.

It is not possible to ban ideology from government, as government is its purpose, and so, until we—or more likely our successors—can create new checks and balances, by ideology shall we be ruled despite its failures and interregnums.

The Lost Cause

Why worry about The (American) Confederate Lost Cause, the Confederate Flag, and Confederate Slavery? Real, existing socialism was established in the USSR in 1917. Like its later imitator in National Socialist Germany, International Socialist Russia was a slave state. After the twin catastrophes of Chernobyl and Afghanistan, which added to the crushing of human rights and shoddy economy, the greatest, best, and most powerful socialist state disappeared from the Earth, overthrown by its own subjects.

Compared to present-day American Confederates who long for a return of the Old South, socialist number in the millions; millions who admirerChe, Castro, Chavez, Lenin, Mao and dozens of other brutal suppressors of human rights and mass slayers of their own people*. Socialists occupy every nation, every institution, every university.

Anyone opposed to Lost Causes of Slavers must oppose Socialism.

Students Are Prisoners

We must end the “school-to-prison pipeline.” Keep these future prisoners out of our schools so that real students can learn.

Equality of Abortion

Abortion cannot be restricted to persons assigned the masculine gender by their DNA. Abortion must extend to all genders, declared, assigned, implied, questioning, fluid… all of them.

Men (persons assigned, declared, implied, questing, fluid… as male) should have the right to abortion (that is, to kill) any child within nine months of them learning of the child’s existence, no matter how old the child is or if the child is still in a woman’s body. If the last is too extreme—being Chinese policy, then nine months after birth or after learning of the child’s existence, no matter how old the child is. In male abortion, however, unlike female abortion, men may grant mercy and sever all legal burdens, responsibilities, and connections in place of death.