New Stereotypes for Scientists

I’d like to thank the pandemic and global warming for inventing two new cliches for characters who are scientists. Reality has worked beyond ‘the mad scientist who wants to rule the world” and “the scientist who is blind to the effects of his theories and inventions ” to produce two new models who will certainly inhabit the dramas and comedies of today through tomorrow.

New is the scientist totally blinded by ideology who bends every equations, every paper, every experiment to further the goals of his ideology. Lysenko was the first of this kind.

New also is the scientist lusting for power yet feverishly craven who forms no ‘scientific’ opinion without consulting his political masters’ wishes. Like the first, both aspire not to scientific honors or to historical memory, but to earn riches and accolades; to head vast bureacracies; to force other scientists, real scientists, to kowtow before their political will. I present to you: the Fauci.