The Lost Cause

Why worry about The (American) Confederate Lost Cause, the Confederate Flag, and Confederate Slavery? Real, existing socialism was established in the USSR in 1917. Like its later imitator in National Socialist Germany, International Socialist Russia was a slave state. After the twin catastrophes of Chernobyl and Afghanistan, which added to the crushing of human rights and shoddy economy, the greatest, best, and most powerful socialist state disappeared from the Earth, overthrown by its own subjects.

Compared to present-day American Confederates who long for a return of the Old South, socialist number in the millions; millions who admirerChe, Castro, Chavez, Lenin, Mao and dozens of other brutal suppressors of human rights and mass slayers of their own people*. Socialists occupy every nation, every institution, every university.

Anyone opposed to Lost Causes of Slavers must oppose Socialism.

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