Movie Q, O! Movie Q.

For which movie would you like to have seen a sequel?

None come to mind. A good drama tells the most important events in its characters’ lives. That’s one reason why television is melodrama—because any real human being subject to the trials of a television life would be dead, imprisoned, or insane. A movie which leaves too much for a sequel fails to be good enough to deserve a sequel.

Better question: for what movie would you like the sequels never to have been made?

Omitting movies like Sharknado or Carry On, Nurse: The Matrix. Jaws. Star Wars. Aladdin. Chinatown.

For what book would you like the sequels never to have been written?

Limited to books that were quality—we’re not talking A Spell for Chameleon or Gor.  Dune. Hyperion.

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