Students Are Prisoners

We must end the “school-to-prison pipeline.” Keep these future prisoners out of our schools so that real students can learn.

Equality of Abortion

Abortion cannot be restricted to persons assigned the masculine gender by their DNA. Abortion must extend to all genders, declared, assigned, implied, questioning, fluid… all of them.

Men (persons assigned, declared, implied, questing, fluid… as male) should have the right to abortion (that is, to kill) any child within nine months of them learning of the child’s existence, no matter how old the child is or if the child is still in a woman’s body. If the last is too extreme—being Chinese policy, then nine months after birth or after learning of the child’s existence, no matter how old the child is. In male abortion, however, unlike female abortion, men may grant mercy and sever all legal burdens, responsibilities, and connections in place of death.

Be the Best You Can Be — I Insist

Were there a charity which would fund sexual transition surgery only for the children of feminists, Democrats, and socialists, provided the surgery were completed prior to the child reproducing, I would donate a few thousand annually to contribute to transgenders becoming who they truly know themselves to be.

Why I am…

Why I am not a Environmentalist
Because I don’t believe Gaia (the Envronmentalists’ word for god) bans hamburgers.

Why I am not a Jew
Because I don’t believe Yahweh (the Jews’ word for god) bans cheeseburgers.

Why I am not Moslem
Because I don’t believe Allah (the Moslems’ word for god) bans bacon cheese burgers.

Language Is Style

With hard work, language can be used to rationally communicate, but it seldom happens and rarely succeeds

Inequality Causes Crime

Inequality does cause crime: people who are stupid, talentless, antisocial, incompetent, and unsucessful at life are unequal. Sick with their own wounded amour propre, unable to accept reality, they lash out with senseless violence